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The Demartini Method

The Tool with a 1000 Uses for Empowering Life

Consultations Utilizing the Demartini Method

Dr John Demartini frequently visits the USA, Australia, NZ, South Africa, UK, Ireland, Canada and is available for one on one consultations when he is in town. Alternatively Dr Demartini conducts private consultations telephonically and via skype.


A consultation can be with an individual (personal or professional), a couple, family or group of friends, collegues, staff, managers or clients. The Demartini Method can be used to dissolve tension, build relations, unify and refocus teams, clarify vision and goals. It can be used to dissolve conflict, overcome anxiety, anger, distress, fear or guilt, perceptions of loss or any issue causing you stress or anxiety.


Book a Consultation with Dr John Demartini:


If you wish to book a one on one consult with Dr John Demartini utilizing the Demartini Method please contact the Demartini Institute:


Consults in the USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, UK - contact Houston:

Consults in the South Africa contact Johannesburg:


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