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The Demartini Method

The Tool with a 1000 Uses for Empowering Life

Demartini Method Testimonials

You have fast tracked a recovery that could have taken years

A O'Reilly


Thank you for assisting my staff and managers to work through their resistance to the merger. Our productivity has resumed and the tension dissolved. Thank you also for helping me to clarify the way forward for my company and showing me how to align my goals with my staff's values. I have seen a remarkable shift in their uptake of tasks since I have applied what you taught me

Graham Benq


Thank you for helping me work through my grief. I couldn't have imagined being able to move forward with my life at this point and yet you helped me to shift out of such a dark space and I am so grateful

C James


Dr Demartini's model is astounding... The Demartini Method transcends any paradigm, method, model or technique I have ever worked with.
Mark Kahn, Psychologist
Over the past while I have used the Demartini Method to remedy, what would have been in my past, a complete emotional breakdown. Every day I have taken the time to ‘collapse' my most challenging issues and continue to do so as the benefits are simply astounding. I am coping with this challenging time without any other form of medication or therapy. Thank you Dr Demartini; your Method allows me the option to live in ‘grace' as a whole and balanced, authentic individual.
This is the most powerful process I have ever experienced! After completing the The Demartini Method, I felt nothing but pure gratitude. I would recommend this process to anyone. Thank you!
Yolanda Bradford

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